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We Dropship Right to Your Customer...
with your name on the packing slip...

With dropshipping, you don't have to stock inventory, package and ship items, handle returns, or go to the post office! You land the orders and collect your money up-front...then we dropship products right to your customer with your name on the packing slip. And your free dropshipping account has no minimum order! Plus, our wholesale merchandise gives you a two to three times markup on your wholesale price - meaning you can double or triple your profit on every fashionable Handbags and accessories. And best of all, with our wholesale dropshipping, it's totally risk-free.

Anchor Activating Drop Ship Mode

To convert your wholesale account into a drop shipping account. Please click on “Dropshipping Program Application Form” complete it and fax it to us at 1-866-813-2017 before using the service. Do not attempt to drop ship any packages until you receive email confirmation that your account has been converted.

Anchor After your dropship account is activated. You will receive a confirmation email with all of our product info. This list will including all information you need for your website. You can easily add our products to you website just in seconds. We will also send sold out item list to you on a weekly basis.

· How to place an online Dropship Order?

1.   Click on “Dropship Application Form” complete the form and fax it to us at. Please allow 1-2 business days for us to set up your dropshipping account. Do not attempt to drop ship any packages until you receive email confirmation that your account has been set up.

2.     To place an order. Click on “My Account” at right upper corner in
- Please note: Don’t use shopping cart. It will request a minimum of $100 per order.

3.     Click on “Enter an Order”. You can start enter your dropship order.
- If the system doesn’t let you enter an item. It means this item is not available.
- Please note: The billing address will be always your billing address which is showing on the “Dropship Application Form”. Shipping address will be your customer’s shipping address.

4.   We know your order fulfillment is very important. We will send you inventory update list on a weekly basis.

All drop-ship orders will be shipped with a packing list with your name on it. Shipping address will be the one which you had specified on the order. A handling fee of $5.00 for handbag, wallet, briefcase, $7.00 of international and APO military addresses will be applied to your invoice, and $1 for each additional item of the same order.

· Inventory update list will be sent to member at weekly basis. File will be in CSV format. It will include Item name, Image URL, Item Weight, Item description in HTML format and alt. view image URL.


You pay what we pay. Due to the volume of dropship supplements that we ship, we receive discounts from almost every major carrier. In turn, we are able to pass along these savings to you. Keep in mind, since you will not be paying for all of the products to be shipped to one location and then paying for each shipment sent out, your savings will be even greater.

Fullfillment Charge

The charge for the fist item of on order is $5 ($7 of international and APO military addresses), and $1 for each additional item of the same order.

Start An Online Business! Sell on eBay! Sell on Amazon! Stock your Internet Store!
We provide you with large verity of the most fashionable Handbags and accessories at wholesale prices. Our prices are so low you can start making money today! carries a large selection of the most fashionable Handbags and accessories that you can sell and start making real money without ever investing a single dollar in the inventory.
When you register, you’ll gain full access to more than 10’000 fashion handbags and accessories. You can browse, search, or filter to find products you're interested in selling.

    Search and find products in one place.
    List products from one place.
    Order products from one place.
    Track your product orders in one place.

That one place is

It is very simple to start your relationship with us as your true Wholesale DropShipper!

By becoming our member, you will receive automatic access to our online catalogue. While being able to view all our products, you will also be able to download the pictures and descriptions which you can use for online auctions, such as eBay or on your online store. There is no obligation to buy if you do not sell. Your customers will never know the source of your products, as we will ship the items from your company name, but they will love the items they will receive in a professional and timely manner. Our goal is to dedicate ourselves to providing you with excellent service.

Though many other websites claim to offer the same services we do, in reality none of these websites can match the quality we pride ourselves on, nor can they come close to our Rock Bottom Wholesale Prices. The quantity and quality of our products is unmatched. Whether you are only beginning, or have extensive experience in the field, you can start earning a very comfortable living right away with the resources will provide for you. is your warehouse! warehouses all your products. We agree to dropship products for Dropship members. Because of has large member base, we are able to provide our members with great low wholesale prices. Many of these items would be extremely difficult for most small and home-based businesses to find on the Internet, but provides the services that allow you to start your small business instantly. After you sell the products, you can place and track all your product orders through We will then ship the products directly to your customer - it's that simple.

Why us?
Here are just some of the benefits we can offer your business:

    Buy at REAL wholesale prices
    HUGE Inventory of Wholesale products
    Virtual wholesale products warehouse
    Same day shipping
    Real time online ordering
    Real time online inventory
    Direct shipments from our warehouses to your customer with your labels

Our Goal
Our goal is to offer our members a 100% legitimate opportunity to make money by reselling merchandise online through eBay, Craig's list, Amazon, any online retail store, Home parties, retail outlets and the general public. We offer the hottest products on the market today, at wholesale pricing. We want all of our members to be part of something special while working with our friendly and professional support team.

Here are more key reasons why you should feel comfortable in committing to a long business relationship with is the only company that provides you with such a large verity of the most fashionable Handbags and accessories.
    No merchant setup fee, and no contract, you will have access to more than 5’000 fashion handbags and accessories, regardless of how many dropship plans and/or features you have.
    We will dropship anywhere in the WORLD with NO MINIMUM.
    The large quantity in stock is updated daily so you can choose items that will last until your auction is over!
    We handle all the orders for you. We will not leave you hanging once you buy from us. Since we fulfill all the orders for you, we have a legitimate interest in helping you with your orders and keeping your customers happy.
    No need to pay up front for inventory, we stock and ship to your buyer for you!
    Unprecedented customer service for you and your customers.
    An amazing selection of products.


All returns from your customer must be returned first to you. We do not accept returns directly from your customer. The standard 10 day return policy is extended by 10 days to a maximum of 20 days for a 20% re-stocking fee for all returns.



We don’t make backorders. If the system doesn’t let you enter an item. It means this item is not available.

Out of Stock Items
We provide sold out item list on weekly basis. You can also find our Recent sold out item list by Click Here.
Although our inventory system is very accurate there may be occasions where an item is not available when your order ships. In this case we will ship your order as is without notification to you unless the order is shipping UPS-RED or PO-EXPRESS (postal service express mail). In this situation you will be sent an email to the email address on your account at the time the order was placed. The email will detail the missing items in your order and request that you call us at 1-866-668-7676 3:00 pm pacific time if you do not want the order shipped. If we do not hear from you by telephone, your order will shipped as scheduled with missing items.


All returns from your customer must be returned first to you. We do not accept returns directly from your customer. The standard 10 day return policy is extended by 10 days to a maximum of 20 days for a 20% re-stocking fee for returns postmarked from 11 to 20 days from date of invoice. All returns postmarked more than 20 days from date of invoice will be subject to our normal re-stocking fees as detailed in our standard terms and conditions.

Packing Slip

All shipments will be made with a packing slip that has your name listed at the top. The address shown will be the billing address transmitted with the order. A standard 10 day return policy is listed under your name and address with instructions to send all returns within 10 days to that address. Customized packing slips are available for an additional fee, contact us at for more information and pricing.

The packing slip contains no pricing information and simply lists the items of item shipped and the quantities shipped. An email invoice will be sent to you for each package shipped detailing the exact shipment details, costs and tracking number.

Package Label

The address on the outside of the shipment will have your address shown by default for packages shipped via the US Postal Service. For packages shipped via United Parcel Service by default our PI Corp return address will be shown. In order to have your return address appear on packages shipped via UPS you must register your own UPS account with us. In order to register a UPS account with us you must fax the first page of your UPS statement to us (fax to 866-813-2017 ).

The initial return address used for your account is the default billing address on your account at the time you requested your account to be converted to drop ship mode. All return addresses are subject to review and revision for potential security vulnerabilities. Any words in the return address that would indicate the package contains jewelry of any kind will be removed or abbreviated. If you need to make a change to your return address please email us at and we will update your account.


All packages are shipped insured in full and is included as part of the shipping and drop ship fees.


All packages have delivery confirmation services included. Please note that delivery confirmation from the US Postal Service is NOT a reliable tracking service and often only indicates when actual delivery is made.


Packages that do not arrive in time to your customer are not the responsibility of Replacement shipments must be made at your expense. Claims for lost packages will not be honored until 30 days (60 days for shipments outside the US) after the expected delivery date has past. After the 30 day (60 days for shipments outside the US) has past and the package shows no further delivery or tracking movement a full refund will be made of the original order, shipping and drop shipping fees. Drop shipments outside of the US are subject a maximum of $100 insurance coverage per package.

Thanks for your interest in this program.
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